Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Sharing the gospel abroad prepares us to share the Gospel at home. We see the same pattern again and again: church members going on a mission trip, learn how to share the gospel, and develop a broken heart for those without Christ, then return to Jacksonville with a zeal to see their friends and neighbors come to Christ!

How do we decide where to go ?

Before establishing a ministry partnership with with a Gospel - centered ministry, we must decidedly share the same core beliefs and be sure that ministry will effectively follow up on decisions for Christ after we return home and continue the work making disciples after we leave. After prayerful consideration, we jump in and link arms with them in taking the Gospel to the nations.

Join the mission

Short- term missions are an important part of our strategy to make disciples of our own members. A mission trip begins months before departure. During that time, team members undergo practical and spiritual preperation for the work they will do on the mission field. Our mission projects are purposely
designed to involve participants in heart- to - heart ministry with the people on the field. The pastor's desire is for Faithbridge members to return with a heart to see others around the world come to Christ, better equipped to minister once we are back home and enjoy the fellowship that is developed among mission team members on each trip.

Missions is more than simply sending believers to the mission field, it also includes educating them  on the importance of missions and equipping them with the tools needed to be involved in mission such as prayer, culture, language training, personal evangelism training, and discipleship.

2022 Mission Trips

January 13-18  $1000
Team Leader: Rick Reed

March 12-17  $900 (Student Spring Break)
Team Leader: Slaton Teague

June 4-11  $1000
Team Leader: Samantha Reed

October 15-21  $1000
Team Leader: Rick Reed
July 15-21  $1000
Team Leader: Josh Branum

December 15-20  $1050
Team Leaders: Ed Lafond/Travis Surber
September 14-23  $2250
Team Leader: Paul White

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